Hello! I'm Aseem.

A Little Bit About Me

I'm an undergraduate student at UCLA studying Computer Science and Engineering. To me, computer science always holds many fulfilling experiences and avenues for creativity - whether I am creating or contributing to an application, finally surmounting a technical challenge that I've been hammering at for days, or learning a new concept that gets me ever closer to understanding just how these machines work. I enjoy immersing myself in the world of computers, and I am excited to see what the future of computing will hold.

I am currently working on growing my full stack skills through my various projects. Outside the realm of computer science, I enjoy playing video games, listening to all sorts of music, playing the tabla (a type of hand drum), creating interesting recipes, juggling, and daydreaming.

My Projects


Fridgehunters allows users to find recipes easily by listing ingredients that they have in their fridge! The repository for the app can be found here.

The app features an ingredient search system, a recipe search system based on ingredients, and an endorsement and popularity system for recipes. For this app, I developed an Express.js REST API backend with an SQL database and a React frontend.

Quoridor React

Quoridor React is a recreation of the board game Quoridor as an online multiplayer game, with a strategy uncovering twist! The repository for the game can be found here.

The game features client-side game UI and display, server-side game management, and automatic detection of strategies that the other player may be trying to use. I developed this app using an Express.js REST API backend with a MongoDB database and a React frontend with Redux state management.

Now Where Was I?

Now Where Was I? is an app designed to help those who have entered a new room and suddenly forgotten what they were going to do. The repository for the app can be found here.

The app features searching for and creation of realizations based on time and place. I built this app using jQuery for the frontend and the Spring Boot model/controller framework in Java for the backend, with a PostgreSQL database.


This Android app is built to allow people decide where they want to eat, and with whom. The repository for the app can be found here.

The app features user creation, user schedules and timing, user groups, user decision on which group they want to eat with, and group voting on which place to eat at. I developed this app using Android Studio in Java, and built the backend API using Express.js, with an SQL database.


Working for Logos, I designed front-end code, device and user adaptive UI, and asynchronous API interaction of the iOS application using Swift and Xcode. I worked with rigorous testing and analytics to design and update Firebase Swift queries and JavaScript API functions to pull data from Firebase's NoSQL database for various users and user data.

Automobile Autofinder

Automobile Autofinder is a convolutional neural network project to identify cars in pictures. The dataset involves pictures of 3 different types of cars. The project uses Keras, matplotlib, and a Python script that generates and stores arrays from multiple pictures. You can find the repository for the project here.

Rocket Project at UCLA

I worked on the electronics team as the lead of the communications sub-team. I used Python's data visualization libraries, TCP and UDP connections, Raspberry Pis, and radios to successfully transmit rocket flight data to the ground.


This game is made in Unity, and involves survival against waves of enemies that increase in number. You can find the repository for the game here.

VEX Robotics

I led my team's programming and electronics sub-team. I helped build and manage the movement, sensors, control, and autonomous systems of the robot.

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